Your prescription for results, is our Tightening Program – the solution you’ve been looking for.

Why combine skincare with a procedure?

Think of your skin as an artist’s canvas. When an artist starts with a flawless canvas he achieves more predictable results – but if he starts with a poor quality canvas his work is unpredictable and may
lead to an inferior end result. Today you have taken the first step towards creating that flawless canvas.

Skincare is your treatment in between treatments

Treating your skin is a process. It is essential that we continually treat the skin using both a daily medical grade skincare regime in combination with regular aesthetic procedures. Your daily skincare will prepare your skin for your aesthetic procedure and will help maintain your results following the procedure. The aesthetic procedures will kick start the tightening process and will boost your end results. Think of it as going to the dentist. You visit your dentist every 6 months but you must brush your teeth everyday. The same is true with skincare… you need skincare everyday!

With our Tightening Program you will:

  • Achieve superior, longer lasting results
  • Experience less downtime
  • Heal faster from your procedure
  • Maintain your results
  • Maximize your investment
  • Look and feel good